How it works

Whenever a customer pays electronically he will enter a checkout- which might be in an Online Shop, during In-App purchases, for Online Games or other services

Right before completing the order elefunds offers to round-up and donate the balance to one or more charities of the customer’s choice.

The shop or payment provider receives the full sum and delegates the donation on behalf of the elefunds Foundation.

The ERP of the shops tells our system as soon as the donation has been completed so the elefunds Foundation can collect the donation via direct debit once a month.

The elefunds foundation manages, analyses and processes all donations that are collected within one month and transfers them to the selected charities.

In cooperation with the leading national fundraising organizations we are working on the most scalable and efficient fundraising tools available on the market!

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We see tremendous potential in delivering a better world as a service. We use fundraising as a communication tool to involve customers, companies and charities and to gain massive added financial value to solve social issues. We think economically and behave socially – always!